Whether you run your business as a sole operator, work with freelancers / contractors or have a full team in your business – think about this question.  What would it mean if you were more effective in the way you communicated with them?  Would it help you achieve more?  Would your business or team be more productive? What would that clarity deliver?

You have ways that you prefer to communicate – act and interact with others, similarly they have preferences too! 

It’s why you find it really easy to work with some people and not others. Most of us had that experience and we just accept that’s the way it has to be.

Well, it doesn’t have to be, because if you learn and use Social Style, you learn how to create productive relationships with a wider range of people in the workplace – best of all everyone can do it, because this skill is completely learnable. It’s different to other programs on the market, because it focuses on the other person. Programs like Myers Briggs, DISC, LSI, and many others focus on helping you understand you, which is an important thing.

But what actually has the biggest impact on your effectiveness in the workplace is your ability to understand other people’s behaviour and accept their behaviour. So, by way of quick definition, social style is simply the pattern of behaviours that you or other people use most consistently, when they interact with others in the workplace. Then, we add in versatility, which are the small adjustments that you make to accommodate other people’s behavioural preferences.  Versatility is the really important skill, as it is a measure of how much support and respect you’ve earned from other people.  Of course, support and respect is critical to get things done. If you don’t have the support and respect of the people you work with, it is very, very hard to get things done, and versatility is a completely learnable skill. First of all you learn your own Social Style, then, and this is the absolute gold – you learn how to profile others. By understanding your own Style and then that of others around, then you will know exactly what to do to make the relationship more mutually productive.

Sound too good to be true?  I know when I was introduced to Social Style, it was an absolute game changer for me.  I learned how to focus on managing the natural tension that exists between people, and instead of focusing on myself, I flipped it, and focused on making the behavioural adjustments needed to make others feel comfortable.

By now, you might be saying “why should I have to make the adjustments to make others feel comfortable?” There’s a really simple reason and a massive payoff! 

Leaders who are more versatile (more able to make those behavioural adjustments to make others feel comfortable) outperform others who don’t have this skill on 47 key leadership competencies, and they earn on average, an extra $30K per year!!

When we look at the employee level, those employees who are more versatile are more productive in teams, they can generate productive relationships faster, they can earn trust faster, and they’re more helpful to their peers.

So, if you’re looking for a super effective, practical way to improve your communication, effectiveness as a leader or team member, look to Social Style.

I’m Certified to deliver the Social Style testing and training, and when I do this, I use a Multi-Rater assessment to deliver an extremely accurate result, based on feedback from team members or people who work with you on a regular basis.  However, I have a sneaky online tool you can use to gauge your own Social Style (or communication style) and you can jump in here and find out whether you are a Driving, Analytical, Expressive or Amiable Style.  You’ll get some great information about how to leverage your style and learn how to work better with others.

CLICK HERE to take the assessment – you’ll get an immediate result and then have some awesome resources to show you how to use your new found understanding! Feel free to share, or to encourage your team members to take the assessment as well – it’s 5 minutes well spent!

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