Ready to build and lead a motivated, engaged team and business?

You have your own business, want to take the next step and build a team – but you’re freaking out about being responsible for more people.

You have a team, but the challenges and people issues are keeping you awake at night

Your business might be missing out on opportunities because you don’t have the team to deliver on more projects

You have no time to work ON your business, you’re way too busy working IN it

Or maybe, you’re ready to boost or refresh the skills needed to step up in your career.

You’re probably time poor, don’t want to enrol in a long business course, but want a flexible course that fits in with your life, and delivers all the skills you need, and none you don’t!

You need to level up your leadership and business growth skills, so where to from here?

That’s what The Leaders Lab will do for you.


My goal when I started my own gig was to make sure small and medium business had access to the same high-quality leadership development and strategy sessions that big corporate provides their staff.

I’ve seen the impact that effective leadership has on a team and a business and this is never more important than in a small business, where you as the leader has to wear ALL the hats!

The Leaders Lab is your way to access all the tools, resources and knowledge my private coaching clients use, in a flexible online course.

Leadership Coaching and consulting with Kerry Kingham

So, how is The Leaders Lab different?

To begin with, it’s based on the same approach I’ve used to teach, facilitate and coach over 700 business leaders, staff, students and private coaching clients, so I know it works and delivers real, tangible and credible impact.

It’s a real-life, practical course that sets you up with skills to:

Understand what Leadership is (and what it’s not)

Learn how to communicate so that people listen to you the first time.

Build your confidence and knowledge around your leadership strengths and weaknesses

Learn how to delegate to free up time to work ON your business, not just IN it

Use the right Leadership style for your people, business and industry

Learn how to quickly build trust and respect

Learn the key attributes that all effective leaders possess and how to develop them in yourself.

Learn how to develop your strategy for growth and get all your team aligned and engaged with it


The Leaders Lab

Leaders Lab - Online leadership course - learn to be a better boss and grow your team

The Leaders Lab is a leadership program with a difference.



You’ll be confident in your growth plan and people management skills.


You’ll get time back, and not be awake at night stressing about what you need to do the next day, or the tricky conversations you need to have


You’ll have a strategy to drive your business, and know that your team is aligned and engaged with it


You will communicate so your team listen, and build trust and respect faster


You’ll understand your strengths and how to leverage them, while also knowing how to manage your weaknesses


You’ll actually get to work ON your business, not just IN it.

I had the pleasure of having Kerry as my MBA tutor for Leadership & Influencing at the University of Adelaide. Foremost, Kerry is a very knowledgeable professional and academic. As a tutor, Kerry was engaging and supportive, and her background as a professional leadership consultant and executive coach provided a great forum for in-depth discussion and personal learning

George Dagas – Leadership Student, University of Adelaide

Leadership Coaching Expert Kerry Kingham

I’m Kerry Kingham

The Leadership Coaching Expert

Helping service-based business owners lead & grow profitable, engaged teams without stress. Creator of “The Leaders Lab” – online leadership training for small biz owners

✨ You won’t get what you want until they get what they need✨

This is my approach to leadership development, coaching and life!! I truly believe that anyone has the potential to lead and influence. I’m a fan of human-centred, authentic leadership which focuses on strengths and resilience to empower both the leader and their followers.

I’m big on relationship building, like to get to the heart of things, and it’s often been said that I have a sign on my forehead that says “tell me” – I just GET people and light up when I can see them building skills to reach their full potential.

After many, many years in corporate roles (yes my grey hair gives away just how many years) I now have the pleasure of running my own gig and get to work with business owners and their teams of all sizes, from a wide range of industries. I know, that by developing the leader, the people grow, the results grow, and the business grows.

Who is The Leadership Lab for?

The Leadership Lab is geared towards aspiring and existing leaders, with a real focus on what you need to lead and grow a small to medium business.

Does this sound familiar? You want to grow but have a nagging feeling you’re not quite ready to deal with a team and the challenges that go with that – you’ve heard some horror stories!

You may be the best hairdresser, tradie, store owner or graphic designer, but you realise that the skills you need to grow your team, to be able to step back a bit and take your business to the next level are very different to what you need when it’s you and one or two other staff!

If this sounds like you – then you’re absolutely in the right place, and it’s the right course for you!

This is a program containing everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

A no-fluff, practical, actionable course, developed by a leadership specialist who is also a small business owner – I know your time is valuable and what keeps you awake at night!

Not sure if The Leadership Lab is for you? Book a free consult with Kerry

It’s time to level up your leadership

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