The definition of “high performance” from a team perspective is: a group of people who share a common vision, goals, metrics and who collaborate, challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results. You recognise a high performing team because the members have a clear and shared vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish.

The key phrases here are – common vision, goals, collaborate, challenge and holding each other accountable.

Think about any team in the public eye who is considered a “winning” team and I guarantee this is how they operate. So, how do you translate this to a business environment? How do you get everyone on board, how do you get them to buy into the vision and to move past things they may not agree on? It is one of the biggest challenges of leadership and running any size business. It’s so important, because if all these concepts align – you have one of the most important success indicators for your business nailed!

Culture is key in high performance – people want to “want to come to work” no matter what their role, or what the size of the organisation.

So, to begin with, you MUST get the culture right…. and like it or not, this is driven from the top. Senior leaders need to model the behaviours, ethics, values and performance which forms the culture in any organisation. This is so important, as the culture of any organisation is determined by the worst behaviours the leaders are prepared to tolerate. Accountability between team members is also crucial, if this is present, team members will each drive increased performance towards the shared goal.

So, to foster high performance, build a culture which encourages individuals, supports innovation and risk-taking, allows mistakes (as long they drive a learning mindset) and provides all team members with a clear vision and a way to measure achievement towards their goals. Acknowledge and reward performance as recognition supports the vision and goals. Support this with transparent and ethical leadership and strong performance goals to set a team or organisation up for high performance.

Having a well-oiled, high performing team means business success is almost a guaranteed outcome but it is not an overnight project.

It will require grit and a commitment to the long goal. This is where not only the challenge is, but also the reward. Do your business, your teams and yourself a favour and value developing a high performing team and strong business culture as a worthwhile focus.

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